What Land Remembers

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What Land Remembers
What Land Remembers

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What Land Remembers
Acrylic on Canvas
60 x 60cm

This painting explores how the land itself may contain memories.  Human beings on this continent are relatively ‘young’ features of the landscape.  This painting depicts a future imagining of the land around her central Victorian home.  Strong features are the prints of animals, water courses, and vegetation – which have been ‘free’ for thousands of years to roam according to their own patterns. Human impressions on the landscape are less obvious in this picture, and are identified by how the vegetation varies according to past fence lines, and the faint remains of dwellings and roads.  While the human impact is not immediately obvious in the painting, it is often the opposite in reality, where we have managed to have an enormous impact on the planet in a very short period of time....considering the Earth’s history.  In this way the artist tries to redress the balance and shows her own bias for how our impact ought to be reduced. 


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Oh, Jinari. That makes it even more special.
-- Francisca Vega Weber, 8/31/11

Jinari Lee Mountainthanks Francisca, it is about the endergy and animals that visit the land where we are living.
-- Jinari Lee Mountain, 8/31/11

I like this one, Jinari.
-- Francisca Vega Weber, 8/30/11

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