Wallaby Sisters

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Wallaby Sisters
Wallaby Sisters


Acrylic on Board
127 x 105cm framed

This painting is informed by a dream I had while on route to Kangaroo Island in SA.  When I reached my destination I learned that several Aboriginal dreaming stories for the area are about female wallabies and the Seven Sisters star constellation.  My trip and learning about these stories has had a profound influence on my thinking about and relating to the Australian landscape.  While this journey has been very personal, I am also aware of the importance of modern Australians coming to terms with the ancient Aboriginal cultural heritage and stories of this country.  In addition to respecting Australia’s first people, it is also important for non-aboriginal peoples’ sense of connectedness to this land as home.  During my counselling studies I learned that most non-aboriginal people living in Australia mostly dream of landscapes from their ancestors’ country of origin; and that this is true even for people whose families have been here for many generations.  This to me suggests how ‘young’ we are as a nation, and in our relating to this land and its’ flora and fauna.  My hope is that we continue to be ‘free’ enough to deepen our relationship with the landscape of Australia.


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Love it
-- Barbro Andersson, 5/22/12

lovely, happy birthday blessings sister!
-- Katie Roberts, 5/22/12

that's lovely Jinari, happy birhday BTW. xxxx
-- Mary Sutton, 5/22/12

Stellar,.. magical
-- Michael Lowande, 5/22/12

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