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Acrylic on timber ply.
92cm x 183cm
Fully reversable painting, with all the fixtures to hang either way.
Location California

Reservoir depicts the interconnectedness of all things. The central theme is about the four colours of people on the Earth, as described in Black Elk’s vision of the four sacred colours of the sacred hoop and the tree of life. In the painting each different cultural group is represented in a blanket or cloak decorated with symbols from their cultural practice and beliefs. As shown these symbols and practices are in direct relationship to the surrounding natural world, as they flow out of the landscape and on to the quilt. The quilt itself forms a cocoon like structure around the four people, in a way that unites them and highlights symbols and forms which are perhaps relevant to all; we have the four cardinal directions, the four elements, above and below, male and female, conscious and unconscious, day and night.


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BRILLIANT! I love this.
-- Gayle King, 9/27/10

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