Enter the Wallaby

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Enter the Wallaby
Enter the Wallaby

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Acrylic on Canvas
91 x 91cm

This painting explores our relationship to the landscape around us.  It suggests our continuing need to pay respect to Aboriginal cultural heritage, understandings and stories about the land.  This is not to say that we take these stories as our own, but rather that they may help us better understand the landscape we are in; and that through this we may begin to birth a substantial reconciliation between multiple cultures and the landscape.  Reconciliation is a relatively “young” concept; perhaps as a theory and a practice it is even still in-uetero, with many of its’ characteristics yet unknown.  In our favour is our ‘freedom’ as a ‘young’, multicultural, and democratic country; which is able to draw upon a great variety of knowledge and resources in order to create the path together.  


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yeah, you finished it... it is great. xx
-- Allis Maun, 6/19/12

the water is incredible :o
-- Raven Arbuckle, 6/19/12

Jinari Lee Mountainnew photo...and more work!
-- Jinari Lee Mountain, 6/18/12

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