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Great work Jinari love the photos!
-- Trent 'Champ' Sherlock, 8/20/19

thank you for showing your stuff at Land-e-scapes, Gallery @ City Library 2014.
-- Harry, 1/12/15

you are one VERY, VERY busy lady! you aren't 'in the flow', YOU are a regular WATERFALL! thank you, thank you, thank you. harry
-- Harry, 8/12/14

Enjoyed your work very much Jinari it is quite unique. Especially like your portrait work something I like to do myself.
-- James Lasenby, 4/20/14

Felice CiprianiBravo Felice
-- Felice Cipriani, 10/4/11

harry v johnsoni was reading your poems, looking for some word or phrase that would capture my heart. i found it - "...Instead, I whirl madly with a bent and overused scalpel;...". perfect.
-- harry v johnson, 9/25/11

Loved wandering through your galleries!You folks were such fun! Miss you now that you are gone. Hope you are having a good time at home. Happieness- Anny
-- Anny Hubbard, 9/25/11

Hi Jinari! You're so talented. Thank you for sharing your lovely work! Miss you! xoxo
-- Helen Bruus Green, 3/27/11

Dave KimbrellHi Jinari, thanks for the friending. Love your works and the colors are beautiful. Enjoyed reading your poems also if guest are reading this, check them out. dave kimbrell
-- Dave Kimbrell, 2/14/11

dmitriy moshkovichHi, Jinari. Good job,very beautiful paintings, I also like your posters and photographs. Good luck! Dmitriy
-- dmitriy moshkovich, 1/18/11

harry v johnson"During the process of making art I am often amazed at how my darkness reveals light and my sorrow finds joy, and it [is] my hope that the viewer can share in some of this experience for themselves. " - couldn't have said it better myself. see you in hell. :):):) harry
-- harry v johnson, 4/21/10

Hello was given this email address as i am interested in ancient indians ect. I am not sure if i am in the right place but it is all very interesting so i will enjoy. Thanks Collette
-- Collette Beare, 1/7/10

harry v johnsonthanks
-- harry v johnson, 1/5/10

thanx for the inspiration. I like the clarity of your website. Will look at your work directly at the Fringe festivities soon. Peace.
-- Julie Henchman, 3/24/09

Hello! You're very talented! (as I always had known) I wish I've lived nearby you! xoxo
-- Helen, 2/9/09

wow. you are so wonderful.i am your greatest fan. your work is so real.thank you for making the world just that little bit brighter with your work. love you all ways
-- Curt, 2/7/09

Hey just checked out ur work very impressive i must say. Your very talented
-- Julie Trewella, 2/1/09

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